** The deadline to register for an event is the Tuesday the week of the tournament, except for Nationals.

Tournaments may max out prior to the deadline, register early!**

Coaches – Please fill out the form above once your team is registered.


Event NameDateLocationLearn More
Raining BucketsApr. 13-14, 2024HoustonLearn MoreApril
Raining BucketsApr. 13-14, 2024DallasLearn MoreApril
I-20 SlamApr. 13-14, 2024Louisiana Learn MoreApril
Basket Brawler BashApr. 20-21, 2024DallasLearn MoreApril
EYB ClassicApr. 27-28, 2024DallasLearn MoreApril
Clutch City ClassicMay 4-5, 2024HoustonLearn MoreMay
Best of TexasMay 4-5, 2024DallasLearn MoreMay
SouthEast ShowcaseMay 4-5, 2024Louisiana Learn MoreMay
Got GameMay 11, 2024HoustonLearn MoreMay
Got GameMay 11, 2024DallasLearn MoreMay
Sunbelt Regional ChampionshipMay 18-19, 2024HoustonLearn MoreMay
Elite Hoops ShowcaseMay 18-19, 2024DallasLearn MoreMay
Lousiana SlamfestMay 18-19, 2024Louisiana Learn MoreMay
May MayhemMay 25-26, 2024HoustonLearn MoreMay
May MayhemMay 25-26, 2024DallasLearn MoreMay
Best of TexasJun. 1-2, 2024HoustonLearn MoreJune
Ballers OnlyJun. 1-2, 2024DallasLearn MoreJune
Ballers OnlyJun. 8-9, 2024HoustonLearn MoreJune
SouthWest Regional ChampionshipJun. 8-9, 2024DallasLearn MoreJune
Gulf Coast Regional ChampionshipJun. 8-9, 2024MonroeLearn MoreJune
6th Man SlamJun. 8-9, 2024BryanLearn MoreJune
Swish CityJun. 15-16, 2024HoustonLearn MoreJune
The ComebackJun. 15-16, 2024DallasLearn MoreJune
The ComebackJun. 22-23, 2024HoustonLearn MoreJune
Summer SlamJun. 22-23, 2024DallasLearn MoreJune
ThunderTown Regional ChampionshipJun. 22-23, 2024NormanLearn MoreJune
Crown of Texas Regional ChampionshipJun. 22-23, 2024WacoLearn MoreJune
Ark-La ShowcaseJun. 22-23, 2024RustonLearn MoreJune
Stars & Stripes ShowdownJun. 29-30, 2024HoustonLearn MoreJune
Stars & Stripes ShowdownJun. 29-30, 2024DallasLearn MoreJune
C-Stat Classic Regional ChampionshipJun. 29-30, 2024BryanLearn MoreJune
The GrindJul. 6-7, 2024HoustonLearn MoreJuly
The GrindJul. 6-7, 2024DallasLearn MoreJuly
Heat WaveJul. 13-14, 2024HoustonLearn MoreJuly
Heat WaveJul. 13-14, 2024DallasLearn MoreJuly
National Basketball ChampionshipJul. 24-28, 2024DallasLearn MoreJuly