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Event NameDateLocationLearn More
Peach Basket ClassicDec. 2, 2023HoustonLearn MoreDecember
Peach Basket ClassicDec. 2, 2023DallasLearn MoreDecember
Holiday On The HardwoodDec. 9, 2023HoustonLearn MoreDecember
Holiday On The HardwoodDec. 9, 2023DallasLearn MoreDecember
Hardwood ClassicJan. 6, 2024HoustonLearn MoreJanuary
Hardwood ClassicJan. 6, 2024DallasLearn MoreJanuary
The Dream ClassicJan. 13, 2024HoustonLearn MoreJanuary
The Dream ClassicJan. 13, 2024DallasLearn MoreJanuary
Game ChangerJan. 27, 2024HoustonLearn MoreJanuary
Game ChangerJan. 27, 2024DallasLearn MoreJanuary
Love Of The GameFeb. 3, 2024HoustonLearn MoreFebruary
Love Of The GameFeb. 3, 2024DallasLearn MoreFebruary
Tip-Off ClassicFeb. 17, 2024HoustonLearn MoreFebruary
Tip-Off ClassicFeb. 17, 2024DallasLearn MoreFebruary
Winter Blast ChampionshipFeb. 24-25, 2024HoustonLearn MoreFebruary
Winter Blast ChampionshipFeb. 24-25, 2024DallasLearn MoreFebruary
Courtside ClassicMar. 2-3, 2024HoustonLearn MoreMarch
Courtside ClassicMar. 2-3, 2024DallasLearn MoreMarch
March ManiaMar. 9-10, 2024DallasLearn MoreMarch
Spring JamfestMar. 16-17, 2024DallasLearn MoreMarch
Space City SlamMar. 23-24, 2024HoustonLearn MoreMarch
D-Town ShowdownMar. 23-24, 2024DallasLearn MoreMarch
Got NextMar. 30-31, 2024HoustonLearn MoreMarch
One Shining MomentMar. 30-31, 2024DallasLearn MoreMarch
One Shining MomentApr. 6-7, 2024HoustonLearn MoreApril
Got NextApr. 6-7, 2024DallasLearn MoreApril
Raining BucketsApr. 13-14, 2024HoustonLearn MoreApril
Raining BucketsApr. 13-14, 2024DallasLearn MoreApril
Basket Brawler BashApr. 20-21, 2024DallasLearn MoreApril
EYB ClassicApr. 27-28, 2024DallasLearn MoreApril
Clutch City ClassicMay 4-5, 2024HoustonLearn MoreMay
Best of TexasMay 4-5, 2024DallasLearn MoreMay
Got GameMay 11-12, 2024HoustonLearn MoreMay
Got GameMay 11-12, 2024DallasLearn MoreMay
Sunbelt Regional ChampionshipMay 18-19, 2024HoustonLearn MoreMay
Elite Hoops ShowcaseMay 18-19, 2024DallasLearn MoreMay
May MayhemMay 25-26, 2024HoustonLearn MoreMay
May MayhemMay 25-26, 2024DallasLearn MoreMay
Best of TexasJun. 1-2, 2024HoustonLearn MoreJune
Ballers OnlyJun. 1-2, 2024DallasLearn MoreJune
Ballers OnlyJun. 8-9, 2024HoustonLearn MoreJune
SW Regional ChampionshipJun. 8-9, 2024DallasLearn MoreJune
Swish CityJun. 15-16, 2024HoustonLearn MoreJune
The ComebackJun. 15-16, 2024DallasLearn MoreJune
The ComebackJun. 22-23, 2024HoustonLearn MoreJune
Summer SlamJun. 22-23, 2024DallasLearn MoreJune
Stars & Stripes ShowdownJun. 29-30, 2024HoustonLearn MoreJune
Stars & Stripes ShowdownJun. 29-30, 2024DallasLearn MoreJune
The GrindJul. 6-7, 2024HoustonLearn MoreJuly
The GrindJul. 6-7, 2024DallasLearn MoreJuly
Heat WaveJul. 13-14, 2024HoustonLearn MoreJuly
Heat WaveJul. 13-14, 2024DallasLearn MoreJuly
National Basketball ChampionshipJul. 24-28, 2024DallasLearn MoreJuly