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Event NameDateLocationLearn More
Best Of Texas: HoustonJun. 3-4, 2023HoustonLearn MoreJune
Ballers Only: DallasJun. 3-4, 2023DallasLearn MoreJune
Ballers Only: HoustonJun. 10-11, 2023HoustonLearn MoreJune
C-Stat Classic Regional ChampionshipJun. 10-11, 2023College StationLearn MoreJune
Southwest Regional ChampionshipJun. 10-11, 2023DallasLearn MoreJune
Swish City: HoustonJun. 17, 2023HoustonLearn MoreJune
The Comeback – DallasJun. 17-18, 2023DallasLearn MoreJune
The Comeback – HoustonJun. 24-25, 2023HoustonLearn MoreJune
6th Man SlamJun. 24-25, 2023College StationLearn MoreJune
Summer Slam: DallasJun. 24-25, 2023DallasLearn MoreJune
ARK-LA Regional ChampionshipJun. 24-25, 2023RustonLearn MoreJune
Crown Of Texas Regional ChampionshipJun. 24-25, 2023WacoLearn MoreJune
Stars & Stripes Classic: HoustonJul. 1-2, 2023HoustonLearn MoreJuly
Stars & Stripes Classic: DallasJul. 1-2, 2023DallasLearn MoreJuly
The Grind: HoustonJul. 8-9, 2023HoustonLearn MoreJuly
The Grind: DallasJul. 8-9, 2023DallasLearn MoreJuly
Heat Wave: HoustonJul. 15-16, 2023HoustonLearn MoreJuly
Heat Wave: DallasJul. 15-16, 2023DallasLearn MoreJuly
2023 National Basketball ChampionshipJul. 26-30, 2023DallasLearn MoreJuly
Hoop It Up 3x3Sept. 2-3, 2023DallasLearn MoreSeptember