Road to Nationals Series Q-Points

Earn Your Points

Top 3 point earners at the conclusion of the Road to Nationals Series in each division will win a percentage paid sponsorship to the 2023 PrimeTime Sports National Basketball Championship.

1st:   100%
2nd:  50%
3rd:   25%

Each Market will be awarded a Grand Champion who will receive FREE ENTRY to ALL 2023/2024 PrimeTime Sports Events (exclusive of NBC) & Grand Champion Custom Backpacks.

2X Q-Points awarded for Sponsorship Events & Exposure Series Events.



40 Points will be awarded for placing 1st in your division.


25 Points will be awarded for placing 2nd in your division.


15 Points will be awarded for placing 3rd in your division.


10 Points will be awarded for each tournament your team participates in.


10 Points for playing up in a PTS combined division.

Q-Point Standings

10th Boys50Texas Dynamics 20251
11th/12th Boys50DFW Powerhouse Prep Academy1
11th/12th Boys50Preparing Tomorrows Athletes1
11th/12th Boys50Team United Texas Yellow1
3rd Boys50Dallas Elite 20321
4th Boys50Urban DFW Elite1
5th Boys50Team United Texas1
6th Boys503dHA1
6th Boys50Dynasty Elite 20291
6th Boys50NTX Jaguars 20291
7th Boys503dHA1
8th Boys50Dallas Mustangs 20271
8th Boys50PB NATION ICE1
9th Boys50SB Elite1
11th/12th Girls50Texas Elite Leverton1
5th Girls50Hoop Society 20301
7th Girls50Drive Nation 20291
8th Girls50Team Lex Black 20271
9th Girls50OWE 20261
10th Boys35EAD20
11th/12th Boys35JD Elite20
11th/12th Boys35Park Cities Kings20
4th Boys35UA EAD Southlake20
5th Boys35DC Kings Waco 203020
5th Boys35Pels Elite20
6th Boys35DC Kings Waco 202920
6th Boys35Spartans 202920
7th Boys35We Ball Elite20
8th Boys35Team Nation20
9th Boys35Good Player Academy20
9th Boys35OWE20
11th/12th Girls35Team Lex Loaded20
6th Girls35DC Queens 2029 Blue - Royse City20
8th Girls35Preparing Tomorrow's Athletes20
8th Girls35Victory Academy 202820
9th Girls35A1 Sauce 202620
11th/12th Boys25Dreamers38
4th Boys25Texas Dynasty Swish38
5th Boys25Dallas Elite 203038
5th Boys25Preparing Tomorrow's Athletes38
6th Boys25Texas Tar Heels 202938
6th Boys25Texas U38
7th Boys25Midland Elite38
7th Boys25Texas Tar Heels 202838
8th Boys25Team Devoted38
9th Boys25EAB (Terry)38
9th Boys25Soldier 202738
11th/12th Girls25DFW Hawks Blue38
6th Girls25TXK Tar Heels38
7thGirls25DFW Hawks White38
8th Girls25Black Hornets38
9th Girls25TXK Tar Heels38
10th Boys10EAB (Hart)54
10th Boys10JD Elite 16u54
10th Boys10SEB 16u54
10th Boys10Team Hustle54
10th Boys10Team United Texas 16u54
11th/12th Boys10Be Elite54
11th/12th Boys10DFW Legacy54
11th/12th Boys10NLE 202554
11th/12th Boys10SB Elite54
11th/12th Boys10SEB 17u54
11th/12th Boys10SEB 18u54
11th/12th Boys10Team United 17u Black54
11th/12th Boys10Texas All American Prep54
11th/12th Boys10TFC Premier54
3rd Boys10Texas Dynasty Sword54
4th Boys10Dallas Elite 203154
5th Boys10Drive Nation 203054
5th Boys10Texas Dynasty Shield54
5th Boys10Texas Tar Heels 203054
6th Boys10Drive Nation 202954
6th Boys10Hatcher Hoops54
6th Boys10Preparing Tomorrow's Athletes54
6th Boys10Texas Dynamics 202954
6th Boys10Texas Dynasty Shield 202954
6th Boys10Texas Dynasty Swish 202954
7th Boys10Hatcher Hoops54
7th Boys10Sharks54
7th Boys10Team United Texas54
7th Boys10Texas Dynasty Cross 202854
8th Boys10Argyle 202854
8th Boys10Celina Soldiers54
8th Boys10ELITE 2754
8th Boys10GME 202754
8th Boys10Preparing Tomorrow's Athletes54
8th Boys10Spartans 202754
8th Boys10Team United Texas 13u54
8th Boys10Texas Dynamics54
8th Boys10Texas Tar Heels 202754
8th Boys10Thunder 202754
8th Boys10TXK Tar Heels54
8th Boys10W.G.S Badboyz54
8th Boys10West TX ONE54
9th Boys103d EMPIRE54
9th Boys10LE 202754
9th Boys10Nike Proskills Red NWD54
9th Boys10RZB Elite 15U54
9th Boys10Team ESBY54
9th Boys10Team Threat54
9th Boys10Team United Texas 14u54
9th Boys10Texas Stars54
10th Girls1055Buckets54
6th Girls10Lady Tarheels54
7th Girls10BPB54
8th Girls10DFW Hawks Blue54
8th Girls10Hoop Society 202854
9th Girls10Lady Tarheels54
10th Boys50BP Elite1
11th/12th Boys50Cypress Shock1
5th Boys50Texas Outlaws 2030 - Alpha1
6th Boys50Texas Outlaws 2029 - Alpha1
7th Boys50SAB 20281
8th Boys50Tomball Nuggets 2027 Black1
9th Boys50Hays Hornets1
6th Girls50THS 20301
8th Girls50THS 20271
10th Boys35Train Harder10
11th/12th Boys35Next Generation Alphas10
5th Boys35BLI10
6th Boys35Down South Runnerz10
7th Boys35Texas Outlaws 2028 - Alpha10
8th Boys35Runnin' Bulls10
9th Boys35Texas Stars10
5th Girls35Texas Clutch 203010
7th Girls35Triumph 2028 Gold10
10th Boys25HST Basketball19
10th Boys25Just Play 16u19
5th Boys25PUSH Sharks19
6th Boys25Katy Raptors 12U19
7th Boys25Katy Raptors 13U19
8th Boys25Triple Threat - 202719
9th Boys25The Mile Academy19
6th Girls25Texas Clutch 202919
8th Girls25Triumph 2027 Gold19
10th Boys10BLZ 202528
11th/12th Boys10Chal Elite28
11th/12th Boys10LDE28
5th Boys10TBBG Elite28
7th Boys10Dash Elite28
7th Boys10Team Temple 13U28
7th Boys10Triple Threat28
8th Boys10BLI28
8th Boys10Dash Elite28
8th Boys10Hays Hornets28
8th Boys10SAB 202728
8th Boys10Team Temple 14U - Black28
8th Boys10Team Temple 14U - Purple28
8th Boys10Texas Outlaws 2027 - Alpha28
8th Boys10Tomball Nuggets Red28
9th Boys10Dash Elite28
9th Boys10Katy Charge28
9th Boys10SAB 202628
9th Boys10The Rodeo28
6th Girls10Lady Sharks28
7th Girls10Hustle & Heart 202828
7th Girls10THS 202828
8th Girls10Dash Elite28